Features of a Viking

Our trailers are safe, user-friendly and cool

Your Viking gives you the highest safety. It’s easy to use and has a modern Nordic design that will bring a smile to any everyday-warriors’ face. Arrive safely at both your destination and your home during any raid.

It’s well-known that all trailer manufactures cut the cost as much as possible on leisure trailers. Unfortunately, it’s not just price; cheap solutions also mean less safety and shorter lifespan of your trailer.

We believe you should have the best quality, no matter what you use your trailer for. It is our way to protect the whole clan.

Specially developed coupling head

You must be able to navigate safely with your trailer on or off your car. That’s why we developed a patented coupling head for your Viking. Your jockey wheel is mounted with the coupling head and the drawbar, making it an integrated part of the entire trailer construction.

The jockey wheel is mounted in the central hole of the coupling head. It sits between the drawbar and gets support from both sides. Therefore, it will never fall while driving or be in the way while moving the trailer yourself.

The jockey wheel automatically folds up in between the drawbar when you turn the handle – that’s clever engineering.

Viking Trailers - Specially developed coupling head

Move on with a single click

You can quickly mount, unmount and change accessories thanks to the unique Click & Go® system. Forget about bringing your battle axe… or any other tools for that matter!
With a single click you are ready to raid the DIY store (remember to pay), move for your friends or embark on new adventures.

Viking Trailers - Move on with a single click

Strong sides

A Viking ship is never stronger than its weakest link. Therefore, the sides on your Viking are up 25% stronger than all other leisure trailers and join all the way, leaving no holes in the corners. This is thanks to a strong corner bracket, fitted with the sides and corners.

Moreover, the sides have a hidden bend on the outside. We call this The Cover Edge. Here you attach your cover hooks where it suits you. Your cargo is protected from wind and weather, without ugly and unpractical cover-tie-down-buttons.

Viking Trailers - Strong sides

Space for the most parts

Your cargo lays secured in the Viking’s practical and spacious platform. The trailer is fitted with an anti-slip plywood floor. Strong lashing rings are mounted on the sides in each corner of the Viking, so you can secure your cargo while gaining space.

Viking Trailers - Space for the most parts

Robust underbody

With a Viking you get professional quality for your leisure use. Freya is built with robust longitudinal beams.

Viking Trailers’ specially developed axles have strong flanges which make your Freya even more ready for battle.

Viking Trailers - Robust underbody

Modern Nordic design

Your choice of car would never be purely based on its price. You want to be proud of it as well when you drive.

We put an end to ugly and unpractical solutions, so you can drive in style. Year after year.

You get the innovative cover edge, black wheels and sturdy, casted hinges. It’s obvious that you have chosen a quality trailer. Upgrade to alloy wheels or buy the original black Viking Trailer’s cover if you really want to make an impression on the shield maiden in your village.

Viking Trailers - Modern Nordic design