The trailer for the
quality focused chieftain

Viking Trailers takes up the challenge

We have developed the perfect trailer for your raid. No matter if you are a Viking that embarks on long, professional raids across the country, or you just drive a short and carefully mapped route from the garden to the recycling site.

Viking Trailers are built with many years of experience and are designed to solve your current & future challenges. Everyone deserves the opportunity to find a VIKING that fits their needs when Duty Calls.

Trailers of high quality

Maybe you have already experienced a trailer that only lasted three summers, that felt designed to irritate you in countless ways. It is easy to get a cheap trailer, but it won’t last long. If you only care about price, Viking Trailers are probably not for you. Viking Trailers are for those who want the very best, for years to come.

Viking Trailers - Trailers of high quality

The background of Viking Trailers

Since the end of the 1960s, our trailers have been built and iterated on. We have emerged from the two companies, Camp-let and Euro Trailer. They are known to develop products that aren’t just robust and reliable, but also help remove the hassle for customers.

We are of course only as good as the latest trailer that rolls from our dealers. Therefore, history is not enough in itself. We need an experienced and visionary clan leader. We got one in 2017, when Benjamin Chavel-Schenk bought Euro Trailer from Camp-let. While he continued Euro Trailer, he established a small clan of experts. In complete secrecy we have developed a brand-new category of trailers. During the 10 years working for one of Europe’s leading trailer manufacturers, Benjamin has seen everything that drives customers crazy. Now he’s put an end to the misery, one trailer design at a time.

If you are interested in owning or dealing the best trailers on the market, then jump onboard today!

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Viking Trailers - The background of Viking Trailers