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Step into the Viking market and take your best products with you!

You can create great business by making the best trailer on the market even better. At Viking Trailer, we forge our supply chain of the best partners in the World.

Become a part of our quality-conscious clan and help us by delivering the trailers that quality-conscious users demand.

Viking Trailers are sold through the best dealers in Europe. The strategy is to conquer even greater parts of Europe; therefore, we need you as a supplier.

We have many years of experience producing quality trailers; from small leisure trailers to professional trailers in the 3,500 kilo-category. Read more about the trailers.


Demands to Viking Trailers suppliers

Our customers understand quality. Therefore, we choose our suppliers carefully. We expect you to be an expert in your field and have excellent market and industry knowledge.

It’s not enough to give us good business terms.

To become a member of the clan, you must provide a high and constant product quality, compliance of lead times as well as good and close communication.

Good, close communication is a key stone for any good and long-lasting cooperation just as it was back in the Viking era.

You can write emails to us (runestones are so expensive to send). However, you must speak and write fluently in English, German or Danish.

Fill in the form and tell us why you should become a part of Viking Trailers’ success.

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